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Beadalon 201A-104 Sparkle Round Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers are a must for shaping and looping ColourCraft or other types of wire.
Beadalon 201F-002 Econo Chain Nose Pliers
Use these Chain Nose Pliers to form wire, close Bead Tips, Crimp Sterling Twist Crimps, and attach findings.
Beadalon 201F-003 Econo Round Nose Pliers
These econo quality Round Nose Pliers are a smart choice for any wire bending project.
Beadalon 201F-007 Econo Flat Nose Pliers
Open and close Jump Rings, form wire, grip and straighten bent wire.
Beadalon 201F-312 Plastic Jawed Economy Pliers
£7.95 £9.95
Low cost option instead of Nylon Jaw Pliers
Beadalon Flat Nose Nylon Jaw Pliers JTNJ3
£9.40 £10.90
Great for straightening wire and holding items without marking
Beadalon JTCN1 Chain Nose Pliers
£5.95 £6.95
Good quality 'Standard' pair of Chain Nose Pliers
Beadalon JTFN1 Flat Nose Pliers
£5.95 £6.95
Great quality at an excellent price
Beadalon JTFR1 Flat / Round Nose Pliers
It’s like two tools in one – Flat/Round Pliers combine Round Nose Pliers with Flat Nose Pliers in a unique, multipurpose tool.
Beadalon JTSPLTRG1 Split Ring Pliers
Specially designed split ring pliers.
Xuron 488 Precision round nose pliers
Possibly one of the best pairs of fine round nose pliers you will find
Xuron Precision Tweezer Nose Pliers 450
£14.50 £19.50
Superb Professional Fine Jaw Pliers for precison work