Reamers are intended to smooth or enlarge the holes in beads. Generally the reamer bits are made with diamond-dust coated surfaces in different shapes to suit the task, though Pearl reamers are cork-screw shaped. Available in manual twist reamers or battery operated if you need to do a lot of reaming.

When using a reamer be sure to hold the bead under water in order to provide lubrication - reamers are delicate items and need to be treated with care. Never push the reamer into the hole - let them turn and find their own way, constantly removing the tool to ensure there is no build-up of debris.

4 piece Bead Reamer Set

A handy set of 4 diamond-tipped bead reamers.. Intended for use on glass, stone or ceramic beads in ..

£5.46 Ex Tax: £4.55

Beadalon 45 degree Replacement Reamer Bit

To fit the Designer and Econo Reamers. For when your original wear out. **Please note, the picture s..

£4.62 Ex Tax: £3.85

Beadalon Battery Operated Reamer

Simply the best Battery Operated Bead Reamer on the market. Easily enlarge holes in pearls, gemstone..

£15.49 Ex Tax: £12.91

Beadalon Battery Operated Reamer replacement tips

For use with the Beadalon Battery Operated Bead Reamer. Retail package contains two small tapered re..

£5.91 Ex Tax: £4.93

Beadalon Designer Reamer

Three tools in one! Enlarge, de-burr, or round out bead holes. Three different tips are included, fi..

£22.36 Ex Tax: £18.63

Beadalon Econo Reamer

An economical tool for enlarging holes in beads. The diamond grit on the tips is coarser and provide..

£16.47 Ex Tax: £13.73

Beadalon Fine Pearl Reamer

Like the Very Fine Pearl Reamer described previously, the Fine Pearl Reamer is designed to enlarge a..

£8.87 Ex Tax: £7.39

Beadalon Very Fine Pearl Reamer

Use the Beadalon Very Fine Pearl Reamer to enlarge and smooth out drill holes in pearls. The sharp, ..

£8.87 Ex Tax: £7.39

Reamer Tip Replacement Bit, Large

To fit the Designer and Econo Reamers. **Please note the picture shows all three models - this item ..

£5.86 Ex Tax: £4.88

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