Hammers & Punches for Crafting

Hammers & Punches for Crafting

Hammers and punches are often used to create metal jewelry components as well as other crafts. Choose from a wide selection of hammers, punches, replacement tips and bench blocks available to purchase. Specialty hammers are available for specific functions or for creating hammered design effects and patterns on your metal pieces.

Beadalon Leather Pad, For Use With Anvils & Bench Blocks

Stitched leather pouch filled with sand to absorb the energy, noise, and vibration caused by hammeri..

£10.17 Ex Tax: £8.48

Hammer with Plastic and rubber Replaceable Tips. Wood Handle-approx 10in

Plasticn and rubber head hammers do less damage to the surface you are striking. Ideal for shaping, ..

£6.55 Ex Tax: £5.46

Nylon Head Hammer, Beadalon model

Use a Nylon Head hammer for working wire when you want to protect the surface - such as for coated c..

£13.20 Ex Tax: £11.00

Brass head for ImpressArt Texture Hammer

Use this brass head to turn your texture hammer into a long handled stamping hammer. No need to buy ..

£4.56 Ex Tax: £3.80

Chasing head for ImpressArt Texture Hammer

Make good use of your Impressart texture Hammer with this replacement chasing hammer head. N need to..

£4.56 Ex Tax: £3.80

ImpressArt Ergo Hammer Replacement Tips

A set of replacement tips for your ImpressArt Ergo hammer. ..

£11.14 Ex Tax: £9.28

Small Raising Hammer

A double headed miniature raising hammer. One face is 4x13.5mm the second is 6x13.5mm. Both fac..

£16.86 Ex Tax: £14.05

Swiss Style Hammer

Swiss Style Hammer..

£4.82 Ex Tax: £4.02

Two-Sided Embossing Hammer

This useful little embossing hammer has two sizes of head - 18mm and 21mm. Weiging just 7oz, this ha..

£13.27 Ex Tax: £11.06

Artistic Wire Chromium Plated Steel Bench Block approx 50mm square

Neat little Bench Block, ideal for smaller jobs such as hammering wires or stamping metal Blanks...

£10.36 Ex Tax: £8.63

Steel Bench Block or Whacker plate 75 x 75 x 19mm

This hefty Steel Bench Block is useful for shaping and flattening wire forms. Create custom pieces w..

£18.33 Ex Tax: £15.27

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